1.7 Sneak Peek: Sunflowers, Falling Particles

One of the curiosities of Minecraft has always been compass directions. The in-game compass has not ever pointed north, but rather at the player's spawn point. Most people generally assumed that east and west was easily determined by the sun and moon rising and setting, but other things - like cloud movement - always added to the confusion. So, who has the answer?

The humble sunflower!

While many of the upcoming developments of 1.7 have been kept under wraps, Jeb revealed this delightful addition to the game, which is confirmed to always face east! Very nice!

Dinnerbone also gave us a brief look into an upcoming feature which will help with immersion - impact particles! Basically, if you fall more than a certain distance, then you will generate particles from the impact of whatever block you land on. Sweet!

Keep an ear to the ground, because there is a lot more coming up, and you don't want to miss it!


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