Community Creations - Horse Door

We have all seen roller-coasters, castles, fighting tournaments, and clever redstone creations. It's time for something completely different!

...okay, I lied. It's a clever redstone creation. However, it's a remarkable contraption that many will find a use for: the horse-powered door! No, I didn't say "a door with horsepower", but rather a door powered by a horse.

Minecrafter CnwysHeist has put together a door that will only open if you are riding a horse through it - 100% vanilla, without command blocks, mods, cheats, hacks, or anything else. I'll be honest when I say I didn't believe it could be done just from the description - how would you even make a pressure plate detect just horses, for example - but Cnwy has pulled it off, and it is quite remarkable!

Check it out, and build your very own horse door today!


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