A "Thank You" to Modders!

Just over a month ago, we announced that the Minecraft section of CurseForge was getting an overhaul and now had a dedicated section to Forge mods. We also welcomed any Forge mod authors to host their mods on CurseForge, and boy did they!

We’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all that have participated in our new Forge mod section, so,

The three days after that announcement saw an enormous influx of new mod projects on CurseForge, nearly 150 new projects were started that weekend. Since the announcement, we’ve gone from 100 mods(with only about 25 that were actually Forge mods) to over 550 mods and projects(about 360 of those are exclusively Forge mods).

So, again, we’d like to thank the community for supporting our new endeavor, and especially to those big mods that have embraced our platform. We’d like to thank the Project Manager SirSengir for uploading his mod Forestry as well as CovertJaguar and SirSengir for uploading BuildCraft, we’d also like to thank MisterFiber for uploading his mod ExtrabiomesXL, and last but not least, we’d like to thank all the other mod authors for their contributions. We’ve got some great mods to check out, like Enchanting Plus, Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2, and Better Archery, among other great mods. Thanks!

Check out our list of released Minecraft mods here!

If you’d like to host your Forge mod on Curseforge click here!


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