Community Creations - Enchanting Plus!

Enchanting is easily one of Minecraft player's favorite features, and people are always finding new and innovative ways to make the experience better. Some find the most optimal rates of farming XP to enchanting tools, to increase the likelihood of a given enchantment's outcome. However, that very randomness can often be a source of frustration. So, what is a player to do?

They can try out Enchanting Plus, by mssodin28, who has been maintaining and updating this complex mod since 1.3.2!

So, what does this mod do? It completely removes the random aspect of enchanting, allowing you to pick what enchantments you want! It also goes a step beyond, by including enchantments added by other mods! Only valid enchantments will show up for the tool you are trying to upgrade, further simplifying the process, and eliminating the tedious process of trying to figure out what enchantments apply to what gear. Neat!

If you want to try out the mod for yourself, drop by the mod thread by clicking here, and giving it a try!


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