Minecraft Coming For Xbox One!

Bigger worlds! More players! Blocks!

Minecraft was confirmed for the Xbox One yesterday at E3, spear-headed by 360 veterans 4J Studios. Currently, much of what MCX1 will bring to the table is being kept quiet, but behind-the-scenes discussions are, to say the very least, very promising indeed!

Minecraft began on PC, moving first to the Xbox 360, then to portable devices (iOS, Android), spanning well over 20 million players across the board. With their foray into the next-gen Xbox console, it is expected that even more players will join the best gaming community ever, and discover what the rest of us already know: that Minecraft is one of the most awesome games ever!

Details for MCX1 will be revealed in the coming days, so keep your ears to the ground as we bring you all the latest news!


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