Snapshot 13w18a Ready For Testing; 1.5.2 Now Live

Snapshot 13w18a and 1.5.2 are live, and ready to play! Both can be accessed from the new Minecraft launcher (be sure to grab it now, if you haven't already)!

  • Added a coal block
  • Start of a new texture loading system. May blow up
  • Added crafting recipes for leads and hay bales
  • Added horse armour to dungeons

  • Green arrow bug on maps in frames
  • Mobs not realizing they killed their attacker and trying to attack empty space
  • Dogs wont stop snarling after punched by someone else
  • Despawning cured zombie
  • Lava decay fails to schedule block update
  • Blocks stop updating one minute after entering the Nether or the End
  • You can pick up command blocks with any pickaxe
  • Can't place carpet on translucent blocks


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