Minecon 2013 Set For the US East Coast, Details To Follow

Wondering where Minecon will be held this year? Anxious to get your travel plans in order, and prepare for another awesome convention? You might not need to wait long! Minecon 2013 has been confirmed for the US east coast, although the exact location is not yet known. Jens "Jeb" Bergensten had the following to offer:

Quote from Jeb »
The contract with the location has been signed, so it's mainly a question of people getting back from business trips. ETA for announcement should be end of May. Tickets will be available later (probably after summer, but I could be wrong).

While the convention's exact location has not yet been revealed, the two most likely east coast locations would seem to be New York, or Florida. Minecon 2012 was held in Disneyland Paris, and with Florida being the home of Disney World, in Orlando, it is a strong contender for Minecon 2013. Minecon '11 and '12 had approximately 4,500 attendees.

Are you planning on attending Minecon 2013? Tell us about it!


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