"Man at Arms" Creates a REAL Diamond Sword

A lot of people have created items from Minecraft in real life, and today's video is no exception. Where it really stands out is the level of quality that went into creating a real-life, fully usable (and alarmingly sharp) Diamond Sword!

Okay, it's not made from real diamonds, but it's safe to say the durability of this sword is comparable to its in-game counterpart. Master swordsmith Tony Swatton - responsible for many of the prop swords you see in television shows and movies - took on the challenge of making the Minecraft diamond sword, and what he created is nothing shy of breath-taking. It works too; Tony takes his newly crafted sword out for a spin, showing off the sharpness of the sword by shearing apart a watermelon, smashing a pig, and...well, just see for yourself!


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