Community Creations - Zombie Arena 3

Were you a fan of the first massively popular Zombie Arena, and now need another challenge to overcome? Looking for a worthy successor to Red_Jay's original map? Why not give Zombie Arena 3 a try! Boasting 4 unique arenas, a fully functional shop, automatic reset features, and more, this arena challenge map is sure to please even the most hardcore zombie combat enthusiasts! You will need the following mods to run the map: none. That's right, Zombie Arena 3 is 100% vanilla, so all you need to do is install it, load it up, and play it right away!

Like the first map, Zombie Arena 3 is Single- and Multiplayer compatible, has in-game reset features which do not require re-installing the map, hazards, bonuses, and of course, wave after wave of ravenous zombies for you to defeat! Can you survive long enough to get the best gear, and become the reigning champion of the Arena?

Want more details, and download links? Check out the thread: Click here


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