Community Creations - Legend of Zelda, a Block to the Past

Looking for a retro-themed adventure map with working scripts and dialogue, a cleverly realized game world from the Zelda franchise, and more? Look no further than a Block to the Past, a full-scale recreation of the Link to the Past game! Keep in mind, this isn't merely a replica of the LTTP game map (although it is a very good map), but a fully realized game-in-a-game adventure map, meant to mimic the old Zelda game as closely as possible, including all the dungeons, items, and enemies it could reasonably duplicate! Complete with a custom texture pack, this map will easily keep you busy for hours. Give it a try for yourself - click here to try it!


Looking for a freeform RPG-like sandbox? You should definitely check out "Towns"! See our full review of the game by clicking here!


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