Snapshot Support in the Curse Client, Now Beta Testing & More

Beta Test Snapshot Support

Ever wanted to test Snapshots, but either couldn't figure out installation, or just decided it was too much work? You're in luck, because we are adding Snapshot support to the Curse Client! Simply click "Get It" beside the Snapshot you'd like to test, and the Client will download that specific version to a separate folder from your release install, allowing for you to test without fear of save corruption! You can switch between any released Snapshot at any time, and can also copy your Worlds over from your release version of Minecraft for even more specialized testing!

In addition, the "My Textures" and "Get More Textures" tabs are available on this install, making texture pack testing a breeze.

The Snapshot feature is currently in beta testing, and can be tested on the test version of the Curse Client, which can be found here. Please note that once testing is done, you will want to go back to using the normal Client. So if you want to help test out Snapshot support, be sure to grab the test Client, and try it out today!

Content Creator Rewards Program

Content creators have been uploading their work to for some time now. What if there were a way to get rewards for your uploads to Bukkit? For example, Amazon gift cards, or just straight cash? Turns out you can! Check out the video above for a rundown of the program, plus a walk-through for content creators to redeem their rewards at any time.


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