Pocket Edition 0.6.0 Released!

Click here to update to 0.6.0 in iTunes!

The most recent patch for Minecraft Pocket Edition is now live! Click on the image above, or visit iTunes (or the Android app store) to update your version now! If it isn't currently available, give it a few hours, to account for regional distribution time differences.

What is new in 0.6.0?

  • Signs
  • Armor
    • Applying process is similar to smelting: choose from armour on the left and see a preview of the player on the right
  • Baby animals: Unclear how they are obtainable, as Breeding is not going to be added in 0.6.0
  • The Sky and Clouds (Appearance varies between fast and slow devices)
  • Improved D-pad
  • Design is more blocky and less rounded
  • When in flight mode, there is a "wing" icon on the jump button
  • Sheep can be colored with dyes
  • Blocks:
    • Netherrack
    • Nether Brick
    • Block of Quartz
    • Chiseled Quartz Block
    • Pillar Quartz Block
    • Cracked Stone Brick (creative only)
    • Mossy Stone Brick (creative only)
    • Stone Cutter
    • Chiseled Sandstone
    • Smooth Sandstone
  • Stairs:
    • Nether Brick Stairs
    • Sandstone Stairs
    • Stone Brick Stairs
    • Quartz Stairs
  • Slabs:
    • Sandstone Slab
  • Items:
    • Nether Brick (item) (smelted from netherrack and crafted into nether brick tile)
    • Upside-down stairs, corner stairs
    • Slabs can be placed in up position (needs testing on small screens)
    • Sand and Gravel are affected by gravity
  • Tweaks:
    • Recipes for crafting slabs give 6 slabs instead of 3 (as in PC version)
    • Nether Reactor spawns Netherrack blocks instead of Obsidian
    • The fog and sky color have changed
    • The Nether Reactor now spawns more items
    • Cows drop Leather
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Melons had several bugs where they would spawn too fast and where they shouldn’t


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