Pocket Edition - What's on the Horizon

Back in December, Minecraft Pocket Edition passed the 5 million mark on sales - not even counting the crazy-high figures for the holidays themselves - and an update has been in the works for a first-quarter release. So, what's in store for 0.5.1? Jeb tweeted yesterday that the sand and gravel blocks in Pocket Edition will soon succumb to the effects of gravity, as it has on PC for some time. Additionally, Pocket Edition will be seeing slabs, stairs, even new clouds on the horizon (pun totally intended).

Pictured: Stairs, slabs, clouds aplenty

So what of certain land generation features, like caves? They aren't coming any time soon, unfortunately, primarily owing to performance issues on handheld devices. While they are not planned in the coming days, it has not yet been ruled out that caves may make an appearance in the future. 0.5.1 is expected to hit handhelds everywhere by sometime late January, or possibly early February. Who knows what else lies in store between now and then? We will keep you appraised!


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