13w02b Snapshot Ready for Testing!

Yesterday's Snapshot has a host of patches and fixes, so if you're helping to test out the newest Snapshots, be sure to get this latest version right away!

  • The stitcher should now make sure to create textures that have sizes in powers of two (fixes all-white textures)
  • Trapped Chests can now transmit signal downward through one block. This does not apply horizontally (through walls)
  • When powered, the hopper can't receive items
  • Fixed Trapped chests only transmit redstone signal via redstone dust
  • Fixed Crash at 13w02a Startup [Failed to start game]
  • Fixed Hopper item looks odd when dropped
  • Fixed Texture of the furnace and the dispenser in the inventory are not showing the blocks "face"
  • Fixed Biome's grass color does not get applied to the sides of the grass block in 13w02a
  • Fixed Looking at certain items crashes the game
  • Fixed the tnt minecart is missing the ssss sound once triggered
  • Fixed Minecart with TNT fails to return correct items when removed by player
  • Fixed Ghast fireball / Fireball texture
  • Fixed White textures everywhere!
  • Fixed stitched_terrain.png and stitched_items.png on desktop
  • Fixed Cauldrons have no bottom texture inside
  • Fixed TNT Minecarts cannot be dispense from a dispenser onto rails
  • Fixed TNT Minecarts Disappear on Reload
  • Fixed [Regression] Brewing Stand does not show water bottles/potions in world.
  • Fixed Dupe planks
  • Fixed Hopper still duplicating items


Client Download: Click here

Server Download: Click here


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