Bioshock in Minecraft?

Ah, Rapture City. Anyone who has played Bioshock will immediately remember a number of dark encounters simply by mention of the name. Of course, if you have watched the video above already (or have read any Digital Diamond entry over the last year or so), you know where this is going - the guys over at HungerCraft have recreated Rapture City, in as much detail as possible, in Minecraft!

The video above shows a mashup of footage from the game itself, interposed with the same scenes, recreated in the recreated map in Minecraft, to show off the city in all its glory. If you are eager to get your hands on this particular gem, unfortunately it is not currently available. However, the Hungercraft guys assure us that it is in the works to make ample use of this map in a way that is accessible to anyone, so keep an ear to the ground for updates!


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