Snapshot 13w01b Update Released

An update to yesterday's Snapshot was released to address bugs that players found! Fixes include:

  • TNT explosion delayed until exiting and re-entering world
  • Infinite rail duplication glitch
  • Tile entity crashing bug
  • Removing a block with a Redstone Torch on it will not remove the Redstone Torch
  • Crash when using new inventory features
  • Infinite loop caused by a comparator (on subtractor mode) feedback loop.
  • Only one block dissappears when an Iron Golem or Snow Golem or Wither is created
  • You can place anything in a container or Minecart or Furnace Minecart with the Hopper
  • New inventory mechanics can break crafting
  • TNT explosions that destroy the chest being viewed causes a crash.
  • You can't smelt the Nether Quartz Ore
  • Yellow text object counter (displaying a 0)
  • hopper does not pick up all items dropped into it
  • Cactus can grow next to blocks
  • Duplications - ingots/diamonds etc.
  • Comparator looks activated but has no output.
  • redstone comparator fixes

All the Snapshot details can be seen by clicking the picture above!


Updated Client: Download

Updated Server: Download


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