1.4.6 Update is Released!

The 1.4.6 update is now live! There is a massive list of goodies in 1.4.6, so without further delay, let's jump head-first into all it has to offer!

  • Added Thorns enchant
    • Armor enchant
    • 3 tiers
    • Deals damage to attackers depending on tier
    • Wears armor out quicker
  • Improved some enchants
    • Fire Protection now extinguishes fire more quickly
    • Blast Protection now reduces explosion recoil
    • Protection no longer is as good as all specific Protection enchants combined
  • Added Touchscreen Mode setting
    • Mainly for inventories
    • You can drag and drop items - Press long to halve the stack before dragging
  • Added & changed many minor things
    • Made item drops and framed items render in 3D when using fancy graphics - Screenshot
    • Added tool highlight when switching items in the hotbar - After switching, its name shortly appears above the hotbar - options.txt:heldItemTooltips - Screenshot
    • Right-clicking while sneaking now uses the held item instead of the selected block
    • Dropping items while holding ctrl now drops the whole stack
    • Added a default resolution setting - options.txt: overrideWidth:0 & overrideHeight:0
    • Added a warning for users playing Minecraft on soon unsupported systems (PowerPCs and Java 5)
    • Death messages now appear in server log files
  • Fixed many bugs
    • Fixed passive mob spawn eggs not depleting when used on a mob
    • Fixed minecarts and falling entities flickering
    • Fixed using number keys on smelted items in furnaces not giving experience
    • Fixed boats always getting placed in the same orientation
    • Fixed switching between dimensions resetting the selected hotbar slot
    • Fixed leaves obtained using Silk Touch having the wrong tooltip and data value
    • Fixed /enchant not accepting Protection enchant id
    • Fixed the level up sound not playing
    • Fixed F3+B displaying invisible entities' hitboxes
    • Fixed the Wither's projectiles sometimes destroying the Nether Star
    • Fixed mobs being able to trample farmland when the mobGriefing gamerule is set to false
    • Fixed endermen not teleporting away when set on fire
    • Fixed endermen still being set on fire when hit with a flaming arrow
    • Fixed endermen not opening their mouth when attacked by other mobs
    • Fixed arrows shot at endermen disappearing
    • Fixed animals on fire not running away
    • Fixed staying under water in Creative still causing the drowning effects
    • Fixed animals appearing to walk through fences in SP
    • Fixed some items with multi-layer textures rendering both layers separately when on the ground
    • Fixed tools differing only in damage not being swappable in the inventory
    • Fixed some Z-Fighting with the beacon
    • Fixed a graphical issue in the trading GUI
    • Fixed /say not showing the text in the original purple color
    • Fixed Pick Block giving double slabs
    • Fixed minecarts not travelling through Nether portals
    • Fixed lightning not flashing
    • Fixed FallingSand spawners failing to save properly and causing crashes
    • Fixed the blocks in lowest layer of the map not being recognized by beacons
    • Fixed enchants not showing in item frames and on the ground
    • Fixed mobs walking slowly for a short while after being hit
    • Fixed chests becoming out of sync when a user right-clicks it twice quickly
    • Fixed flaming arrows not catching on fire immediately
    • Fixed zombies sometimes stopping their attack
    • Fixed /xp -1L not working to remove partial xp bars when between level 0 and 1
    • Fixed the cursor being positioned wrongly in fullscreen mode
World Generation
  • Added enchanted books to village and dungeon chests
Blocks and Items
  • Mob spawners
    • Can now spawn differently configured mobs with different spawn chances
  • Nether Brick Slabs
  • Enchanted books
    • Screenshot
    • Enchant books to receive a single enchant on them
    • Can be applied to items using anvils, consuming the book
    • Enchants can be applied to any item in Creative
    • Sold by villagers and found in dungeon and village chests
    • Can now be found in loot chests and by trading with villagers
    • Unbreaking can be applied to anything with durability
    • Efficiency and Silk Touch can be applied to shears, allowing the harvesting of cobwebs
    • Sharpness, Smite and Bane of Arthropods can be applied to axes
  • Firework Star
    • Screenshot
    • Used to create Firework Rockets
    • Combine gunpowder with dyes to get a Firework Star with those colors used for the sparkles
    • Also add glowstone, a fire charge, a diamond, a gold nugget, feather or a mob head to make the firework twinkling, big, trailing, star-shaped, bursting or creeper-shaped
    • Craft a Firework Star with dye to change the color the sparkles fade to
  • Firework Rocket
    • Screenshot
    • Non-destructive, rise up in the air and create colorful patterns when shot by dispensers or placed by players
    • Combine paper with gunpowder to get a Firework Rocket
    • Also add a Firework Star to add effects or gunpowder to increase the flight duration
  • Bow
    • A sound indicates when you hit a player with an arrow
    • Arrows now render from farther away
  • Skeletons, Zombies & Zombie Pigmen
    • The armor and enchants they spawn with now are even harder on harder difficulties


A big "thank you" to Reddit's RedstoneHelper for compiling this list, and MCF's own ZeroLevels for helping with proofing/checking!


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