FriendsForMinecraft - Fun With Friends Just Got Easier

Do you have a circle of friends you always play Minecraft with? Maybe a very large circle of friends? Heck, it could just be a few friends - one thing we all struggle with at times is coordinating a time and place to play together, finding new and exciting servers, and communicating with friends out-of-game.

We've stumbled on an app recently that addresses all three of those problems - and quite a few more - it is Friends For Minecraft, and it is pretty awesome! FriendsforMinecraft offers a ton of features for you and your friends, to make coordinating games, server hunts, and play-times even easier! With FFM, you can:

  • Find out what Minecraft servers your friends are playing on
  • Share Minecraft screenshots with your friends
  • Find out the best Minecraft servers to play on
  • Send messages to Minecraft friends no matter what server they are playing on, even if they're offline
  • See when your friends are online
  • Vote on the best servers, worlds and images

Even better, it isn't limited to just one app - You can use the Friends4MC iOS app stand-alone to create your own FriendsForMinecraft account, and add your Minecraft friends; see when they are online, see what servers they are on, and even vote and comment on the best Minecraft images.

The FriendsForMinecraft web client lets users view all images being posted within the FriendsForMinecraft server, in real-time. Users can comment, 'Like' and share these photos within their other social networks!

If using your iPhone or a web-based client doesn't tickle your fancy, the client is also available for PC and MAC, as a stand-alone application.

Keeping track of friends and servers is so easy, even a zombie could do it!

What could make this app seem even more awesome than it already is? How about the price? FrindsForMinecraft is FREE. The only way this app could be better is if it did your homework for you too! So, what are you waiting for? Check out FriendsForMinecraft, and discover a world of friend and game management you never thought possible!


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