Minecon - Day 1 Recap

Day one of Minecon winds to a close, and many of the attendees are now having a blast in Disneyland Paris! Let's take a look at some of today's awesome events:


  • Minecraft.fr Gamer Prizes Raffle
  • Attendees enter to win awesome hardware and accessories
  • Museum of Mojang
  • The relics of Minecraft's long and rich history were on display (very awesome to see!)
  • The Chunk Error
  • An immersive Minecraft experience, complete with awesome souvenirs
  • The Mob Trap
  • An interactive walk through the depths of a Minecraft cave - very scary, and very awesome
  • XBOX 360 Lounge
  • A chill-out spot with many couches, perfect for taking a breather, and watching the various panels and events live on the big projector
  • The Opening Ceremony
  • A look at Minecraft, both then and now, featuring Lydia Winters, Markus "Notch" Persson, and SethBling
  • Intel Hunger Games Event
  • Players compete for prizes, including a Dell Ultrabook!
  • Incredible Custom Map Making
  • Exploring the world of custom map creation, with BlameTheController; Kupo Kupo and Ridgedog of Voxel Box fame; and YouTube cinematographer and map maker, SethBling
  • Minecraft Game Show
  • Trivia challenge event with Mojangsters, and some awesome YouTubers
  • Minecraft in Education
  • Featuring Heidi "DocMamma" Forbes Öste, Marnix "CubeHamster" Licht, and Stephen Reid
  • Running a Server
  • The ins and outs of successful server hosting, with Jeff Pees, Kurtis Welch, Morgan Pwny, and Steve Russ
  • McPVP Booth
  • PVP tournament with prizes at stake
  • Minecraft Music, with Minecraft composer C418
  • A Chat with Notch, with Vu Bui
  • Minecraft Modding with the Pros
  • Learning all about mod creation, the ups and downs of modding, and making a great mod - featuring Austin "lazertester" Smith and Matt "HighlifeTTU" Sundberg (MineZ), Daniel "dan200" Ratcliffe (ComputerCraft), Michael "Searge" Stoyke and Thomas "ProfMobius" Guimbretiere (Minecraft Coder Pack); with special guest Erik "Grum" Broes (Mojang), and a super-surprise visit from Jens "Jeb" Bergensten, and moderated by your favorite forum admin, Sacheverell!
  • Server Safety For Your Children
  • For parents - keeping your kids safe on multiplayer servers, with speaker Danny Vogler

Other awesome goings-on
  • Craft Studio presents - how to make a game
  • Running Your Server "Mindcrack" style: How the Mindcrack team does it
  • A special "Scrolls" panel, featuring the Scrolls development team (Jakob Porser, Henrik Pettersson, Jon Kagstrom, Mans Olson, and Mattis Grahm)
  • Setting Your Videos Apart, with professional videographers BebopVox, Hat Films, and Jerhumi
  • Meet the Pocket Edition Team
  • Meet the XBLA Team
  • Meet the Minecraft PC Team
  • Raspberry Pi, with Daniel Bates and Daniel Frisk
  • Tons of awesome meet-ups for players, modders, video makers, and more

Today also saw my unveiling of SethBling's brand new 2fort TF2 Map!

Phew - that's just day one of Minecon, too! Day two will see a massive wave of activities all its own, and we will continue showing you all kinds of great pics, videos and more from every day at Minecon!

See you in the morning!


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