Behind the Scenes at Minecon!

The convention hall at Disneyland Paris is a bustling whirlwind of activity, as the final setup preparations are made for tomorrow morning!

Walking into the convention entrance!

The main hall, which will see the Opening Ceremony, and a whole lot more!

The Chunk Error is an interactive Minecraft experience, complete with souvenirs!

The Mob Trap is an awesome haunted house, rife with scary goodies - we will be touring this in detail soon!


Want an in-depth timeline of all the events going on at Minecon? It's easy! Just get the Guidebook app - found at the app store, or the Android Marketplace, for free - and search for "Minecon". The app gives you the entire schedule of Minecon, plus maps, with no detail left omitted!

Curse Client Free Premium Features!

We recently updated the Curse Client with a host of Minecraft goodies, and all this weekend, you can try out the Premium features, such as Cloud Syncing save games, free! Just load up your Client (or get it here, if you don't have it yet), and give the Premium features a go! They will be free to try all throughout Minecon, as our thank you for being an awesome group of gamers. Enjoy!

Minecon Coverage

We will be covering the entire convention all weekend, with hourly updates on all the awesome happenings at panels, shows, and more! We will bring you video coverage, up-to-the-minute pics, and an in-depth look into every awesome event going on! Stay tuned here, for all your Minecon coverage needs!

Still not enough? You can also check out the official Minecon livestream, by clicking here, and seeing the convention as it happens. See you there!


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