Minecraft Passes 8 Million Sales!

That's right, the PC version of Minecraft has surpassed 8 million sales! In addition to blowing the lid off of XBLA sales records with well over 4 million sales, and continuing to set incredible landmarks in the handheld market with over 2 million sold, Minecraft continues to set landmarks like never before. In just the last 24 hours, over 10,000 copies of the game have sold, just on the PC!

Minecraft as a game continues to have a phenomenal level of success, with humble beginnings in the hands of Mojang founding member Markus "Notch" Persson, and growing over a period of years into one of the most successful indie game titles in gaming history. In addition, the recent changes to Minecraft in 1.4.4 - and future changes planned the game, including Mod API support, more adventure map options, and all sorts of customization options - Mojang continues to push the game to new heights, even as they get involved in the community, with everything from direct-feedback bug fixing to real-life rewnewal projects.

Congratulations to Mojang for the amazing sales milestone, and to everyone out there in the Minecraft community for making it what it is today! Feel free to read Mojang's own words on the matter, and have a great Monday!


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