A Word On Minecon 2012

Excited about attending Minecon 2012 this year? Why wouldn't you be, it's going to be awesome! There will be a whole host of special guests, booths, and for anyone who attended the 'con last year, less lines. Still, there are a few things Mojang wants to make sure any attendee is aware of! From Mojang's own Lydia Winters:

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So you wanna be FAMOUS?

Do you have something interesting you want to talk about at MINECON? Submissions for panelists are open now. We are looking for speakers on all kinds of topics like building, redstone, running a server, Minecrafting with your family, creating videos, basically anything! Submit your panel here: http://bit.ly/TlBvGG. You have until October 31st @ 11pm PST.

Epic Creative Build Contest

Do you dream of meeting the Mojang team? Here’s your chance. Enter the official MINECON build contest. There are only 1,000 spots available, so sign up quickly: http://bit.ly/OVHRQy. It’s an individual two week creative build contest. The top three builds will be showcased on stage at MINECON and the winners will get to meet the Mojangstas.

Register your Babies (literally)

Children under seven are free, but we need to get a head-count of how many will be attending. If you are bringing small children with you, please login to manage your ticket, then scroll down and add in the number of children under seven attending with you.


MINECON will be open each day from 10-17 (10am-5pm). On Saturday night, the Walt Disney Studios party will start at 8. The Sunday night .party() details haven’t been released yet (don’t forget it is 18+ ONLY).


Some things that will make this year’s MINECON incredible:

  • All of you
  • Amazing panels about everything Minecraft you can imagine
  • A killer exhibit hall with hand picked exhibitors
  • An interactive area… nope… I’m not telling you ANYTHING else about this one
  • A private party at Walt Disney Studios. Ride ALL the rides with fellow Minecrafters – Too much awesome to describe

Badge pickup

Badges will be picked up on-site. You will get an email soon that gives you all the specifics of what you need to bring with you.


We’ll be sending out multiple emails over the next month to keep you updated on what’s happening! Also, the MINECON website will be getting an update soon!


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