MCX360 Dominates - Halloween Charity Skin Pack on Xbox

Ah, Halloween - the season of monsters, costumes, and candy.

And more candy.

MCX360 recently knocked Modern Warfare 3 off the top of the Most Played game of the week, to utterly dominate the 360 Live Arcade charts! What could be cooler than that, you ask? How about a massive skins pack for your copy of MCX360?

To kick of the Halloween season right, Mojang is releasing a very special Halloween Skin Pack for MCX360 - all proceeds from purchased skin packs will go charity! The Skin Pack is 160 points (approximately $2.00), and every single point of that will go to good causes!

Skin creators for the pack include a number of different companies and artists, such as Rare (known relatively recently for the Kinect Sports titles, or if you grew up in the Stone Age like I did, Donkey Kong Country on the SNES). All told, there are about 55 skins in this pack - that's right, 55 unique, custom Minecraft skins, for less than the cost of a soda! That's a pretty sweet deal, and you get to help out some pretty sweet charities, too. Neat!

Want to know more about the charities the skin packs are contributing to? Click here!

Want to know what all the skins are? Click here!

Ready to get this awesome skin pack for yourself? Click here!


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