Bug Tracking, the Awesome Way; 1.4.2 Snapshot Available

Reporting bugs in Minecraft has always been an adventure. With so many different places to post bugs, it's often difficult for Mojang to collate them all in a timely fashion. So, what to do? How about an official bug tracker!

Warren "EvilSeph" Loo, Mojang coder extraordinaire, brings us a new solution to bug tracking, in the form of Mojira! Although this new Minecraft bug tracker will mostly be community organized and run, it will be the official location to report bugs in Minecraft that Mojang will use. Please note, this bug-tracker will, at present, only be used for reporting bugs on 1.4.1 and later. As 1.4 will release tomorrow, this means most of us won't be affected by older bug reporting, since everyone will be on the new update anyway!

EvilSeph had the following to say on the founding of Mojira:

Quote from EvilSeph »
When we were looking for the perfect service to use for our Minecraft bug tracker, we had to focus on two things: it had to be powerful enough to actually be useful and it had to be relatively easy to use. If you have any experience with issue trackers, you’ll know that it is really difficult to find one that isn’t entirely developer focused and too complicated for non-tech savvy users to use. There are plenty options out there, but they’re either too powerful and complicated or too simple and watered down.

Enter Atlassian’s JIRA, their answer to issue trackers. Having used it extensively and successfully for the Bukkit project, I was fully aware of how powerful JIRA was. As such, it was a clear place for us to start evaluating the options we had and we quickly found out how flexible and customisable, as well as powerful, it was after some tinkering. With JIRA, we feel that we’re able to achieve the important balance we need that provides the community with the right tools to properly manage and report bugs, while continuing to be easy to use.

With that in mind, we sent an email to Atlassian, let them know of our plan to set up a proper Minecraft Bug Tracker and asked if they could help us out. To our surprise, they’re huge fans of Minecraft and immediately offered to help us out, providing us with a free JIRA license and whatever guidance we needed. In fact, they love Minecraft so much, they even used it to showcase their improved JIRA developer’s API for JIRA v5.0 in a cool video. So, it’s thanks to Atlassian for being awesome, supportive and lovers of Minecraft that we’re able to provide the community with a fantastic and powerful Minecraft bug tracker.

So, how can YOU help out with bug tracking? We have included links below, so get to tracking those bugs!

Mojira Bug Tracking: Click here

Guide to good Bug Report Making (a must-read!): Click here

If you want to help with bug tracking on all Minecraft platforms, including MCX360 and Pocket Edition, be sure to check out the list of official Mojang bug trackers - Click here!


1.4.2 Pre-Release...Released

The 1.4 Pre-Release is now on version 1.4.2, now with even more bug-fixes, tweaks, and assorted goodies! Links for the client and server are below!

  • Fixed a severe memory leak in the server
  • Corrected rendering of fences and cobblestone walls

Client: Download

Server: Download


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