1.4 is Coming, but In The Meantime...

The 1.4 Very Scary Update releases tomorrow, and we are all very excited about it! Many of us have already played the pre-release for excessive amounts of time, but what if you wanted more? Turns out Mojang is having a contest around the update!

"Contest, you say?" Indeed I do, and here's how it goes:

  • Make a scary screenshot in Minecraft. It has to be a screenshot, not a piece of fan art.
  • Make it the the scariest screenshot you’ve ever taken. One influenced by fear, impending danger, pain, anxiety; that kind of thing. You can wait for tomorrow’s update if you like, or submit it right away if you already have something in mind.
  • Submit the screenshot to the Hej Mojang page before the end of October 30th, CEST.
  • Wait for us to judge the submitted screenshots.
  • Cross your fingers and hope you win!

Contests are awesome, but what about prizes? We're glad you asked! Mojang has a nice, real-life foam pickaxe, signed by the entire Mojang team, up for grabs as a prize! That's pretty sweet, and not something easily come by, so definitely participate!

Minecraft is filled with plenty of scary moments, so get to taking those screenshots, and good luck to everyone!


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