Interested in Knowing About (or Helping With) the Mod API?

One of the issues with letting the community know about the upcoming Mod API (and other development-related projects) has been the sheer number of places that information can be posted, often only to be read by a specific group of people in that particular community. In the interests of making life easier for everyone interested in developer talk, Mojang now has an official Minecraft Developer Blog!

What does this mean? Well, in the words of Warren "EvilSeph" Loo:
(The Developer Blog) will be our space to let loose and nerd out. Posts made by us will be technical and developer focused, ranging from technical write ups on a new feature to information on the Minecraft API and things surrounding it.

I am excited to continue working to bring useful and powerful resources to the Minecraft developer community! This blog and the Minecraft API proposal system is just the beginning of my work to better involve and support the Minecraft developer community.

In the interests of keeping developers in the Minecraft community as involved as possible, the new blog will serve as a repository for all things API, such as planning for meetings, getting feedback on the system, and progress they are making on it, to name a few. No longer will it be necessary to scan every Twitter account, website and other forms of communication to get tidbits on the Mod API - it is all centralized, so you need only stop by the blog to read about (and possibly help with) the Mod API.

Interested in seeing the blog? You can check it out here: Official Minecraft Developer Blog - Click Here


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