Tool Repair Changes?

A series of images was released recently, indicating some interesting changes to tool repairs in the future update. Aside from the standard repair type, it is suggested that combining two different enchanted tools might produce a new tool, carrying the benefits of both:

The days of having numerous tools with a single, useful enchantment may be drawing to a close - while the option to keep numerous enchanted tools remains an option - one common example being, having a separate Silk Touch pickax from the standard ones - the ability to take two tools and make one vastly better one remains a very appealing option for those looking to save on space, or just boost their arsenal of mining, hunting and farming capabilities.

Keep an ear to the ground, as we bring you more updates on these changes.


Anyone familiar with Direwolf20 will appreciate his latest server series, featuring his unique style of gameplay, as well as a number of notable names from the modding community, give it a watch, and tell us what you think!


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