Manly Tools Mod Spotlight - Camera Craft

In this episode of MTMM, I am joined by a newcomer to the reviewing process, Xenoface. We take a look at the awesome in-game camera item mod, Camera Craft, made by diesieben07! No, this isn't a mod about taking screencaps in game - F2 does that pretty well - it's about taking pictures, while in-game, and processing them into photos you can put on the wall! They can be anywhere from 1x1 to 4x4 in size, in black-and-white or color, and the cameras even have a range of lens filters you can use! So, craft yourself up an in-game camera, process that film, and show your world the kind of love it deserves, by plastering pictures all over the place!


Also, be sure to check out this review of the awesome "Temple of Rath" adventure map, played by Pico, David and Toby, and created by Lukeys! This Indiana Jones-esque romp is good test of your puzzle-solving skills, without taking an entire day to complete - definitely worth a look, so head on over and check it out!


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