Snapshot 12w39a Ready for Testing

It's that time again - Snapshot time! What, there isn't supposed to be one this week? Mojang decided to surprise everyone by releasing one anyway! Dinnerbone is diligently working on the new and improved lighting engine, and would really appreciate your help in finding bugs and glitches! To report a bug, click here, make sure the bug isn't already listed, then follow the instructions on the page.

Today's Snapshot includes:

  • Lighting system overhauled
  • (NOTE: there are still some minor issues with smooth lighting and stairs - this is known about, and being worked on)
  • Lots of blocks interact correctly with lighting now (stairs, slabs)
  • Few sound tweaks
  • When you place glass, ice etc it won't sound like you break it anymore
  • After you shoot an arrow into the water it won't play that infinite water splash sound anymore
  • Fixed Witch being white for some
  • Changed Witch texture size
  • Complete bug list can be seen right here


Snapshot Downloads:

Snapshot Client: Click here

Snapshot Server: Click here


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