Community Creations - Team Fortress 2's Dustbowl, by SethBling and Hypixel

Everyone loves Minecraft, that's no secret. Believe it or not though, a rather large number of people love Team Fortress 2 as well! Still, as great as these two games are, wouldn't it be even cooler if you could somehow bring them together? What if we told you it's been done?

Well, it's been done! YouTube sensation SethBling, and map making super-team Hypixel have put together exactly that - a fully realized Team Fortress 2 game, in Minecraft! Yes, it includes a massive list of features, including but not limited to:

  • 8 unique, switchable classes
  • Working control points, for your Control Point gamemode fix
  • Healthpacks and supplies
  • A fully operational respawn system

As amazing as all of this is, I can already hear the big question, "Okay, that's pretty cool, but how hard is it to install this mod?" Funny you should ask, dear player - because there is no mod. That's right, all of this is 100% pure vanilla, and you could play it right this second, if you wished!

Details for this amazing game mode are below! Also, be sure to subscribe to SethBling and Hypixel's channels, and find out what more than a quarter of a million people already know (spoiler: they make awesome videos), and let them know what you think of their fully-functional Team Fortress 2 Dustbowl map!


SethBling's Channel (includes download links for "TF2: Dustbowl" Minecraft map): Click here!

Hypixel's Channel (creators of the wildly popular "Walls" and "Walls 2" pvp maps, among many others): Click here!


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