Mojang at PAX - Panels, Streams & More; QubeTuber's Charity - Notch's Beard Edition

Mojang at PAX!

Mojang has been busy at PAX all weekend, and we have been bringing you some pretty awesome updates on all things Minecraft going on there. So, what's going on today, you ask? EvilSeph has reminded us that there is a Minecraft Panel going on today, at 4:30 pm, PST! Be sure to check out the panel - if you're not at PAX today, you can watch it live, on the PAX Twitch channel - click here to check it out!

Not enough Minecraft to whet your appetite? How about this: Notch has announced that Minecraft's "Adventure Update" will be playable on the show floor! The expansion, which is currently heavily in development, will add more than 40 new features in the sandbox blockbuster, such as NPC villages, additional farming activities, and randomly-generated dungeons!

Keep an eye out for more updates to Minecraft, PAX and more, right here!


Notch's Beard is At Stake!

Speaking of awesome things related to Penny Arcade; a few weeks ago, QubeTubers hosted a popular charity event, which was frequented by nearly every major Minecraft personality in existence, including a number of Mojangsters! The drive is still going on through today, and has cleared an impressive $70,000 in donations for the Child's Play charity! However, there is an extra prize for clearing that $75,000 mark:

Notch will shave his beard.

That's right - if the QubeTuber's Charity Event clears $75,000 before the event ends, Notch will shave his beard off.

So, if you want to help out the most awesome children's charity ever AND see Notch sans beard, be sure to head over to the QubeTuber's Child's Play Charity Event - there's less than $5,000 to go for a beardless Notch, and countless children will see the benefit of your generosity. Check it out!


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