Snapshot 12w26a Available For Testing

This week's Snapshot is both a little early, and mostly bugfixes. 1.3 is very near on the horizon, and Team Mojang wants to make sure that it's the best release it can be!

  • Monster Spawners now support extra information for the mobs it spawns. This allows unmodified games to have spawners for special variants of mobs. The player still requires external or modified means to set these parameters, though. Some examples of what Monster Spawners can spawn are Charged Creepers, Endermen holding specific blocks, Green Robe Villagers, and Villagers with custom trade offers.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Added crafting recipes for wooden stairs
  • Fixed changing the name of a world, loading that world, saving and quitting it undoing the world rename
  • Fixed the game crashing when it automatically selects the "Scanning for LAN Worlds" item in the server list and you delete it
  • Fixed the arrow representing the player on the map item not pointing in the right direction
  • Fixed clicking "Save and Quit" or "Disconnect" twice quickly crashing the game
  • Fixed the SMP server fairly regularly dropping all players and showing many NullPointerExceptions in the console every few hours
  • Fixed save files being closed each time the world was auto-saved
  • Fixed being able to duplicate sand and gravel
  • Fixed placing a piston in front of another which is powered, but not extended, causing the placed piston to become broken and have the same texture on all sides
  • TNT no longer drops as a ressource on creative mode
  • Numerous bugfixes

Want to give this Snapshot a go? Download links are below!

Client: Download

Server: Download

Special thanks to Reddit's RedstoneHelper for help with compiling the list!


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