12w25a Snapshot Ready for Testing

Mojang is still focusing on bug fixing so they can eventually release the 1.3 patch. The biggest problem right now is that since the game is hosting a server in the background, the game requires more hardware resources than before. They are trying to figure out a way to solve that, but here’s a weekly snapshot for now:

  • Added an "Open to LAN" menu in the in-game menu, which allows players to open their world to other players. In the menu, the player can choose to turn cheats on or off, and choose the game mode.
  • The multiplayer menu now scans for LAN servers (singleplayer worlds which are on the same LAN and have been published with the /publish command).
  • Villagers may remove a trade option after it has been used at least 3 times.
  • Added wooden stairs for the remaining three wood types (spruce, birch and jungle).
  • Redstone (including repeaters, torches, levers, and pressure plates) and Rails can now be placed on slabs and stairs positioned upside down.
  • Removed the downwards knockback while drowning.
  • Pigs now drop 1-3 Porkchops instead of 0-2.
  • Improved memory usage.
  • The /tp command now allows teleporting to specified coordinates.
  • The syntax for this is /tp [target player] .
  • The other functionality of the /tp command is still there.

Get the snapshot here:

Client: Download

Server: Download


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