Samcube Contest Winner; Diamond Cube Computer

"Draw Notch" Contest Winner Revealed!

Remember Notch's birthday? We do, and one event in particular captured a lot of attention: Samcube's "Draw Notch" artist contest! Samcube and ez (Mrs. Notch, for those of you not familiar with her) selected the winner of the Notch drawing contest, Stas9394 - they came up with a creative take on the progenitor of our favorite sandbox game, featuring Notch carefully overlooking a small, blocky world floating through the stars. Congratulations, Stas9394! Click the image above to see all the finalists!

Diamond Block - Not Just a Block Anymore

Behold, the humble diamond block. What secrets does it hold? For most of us, merely a diamond piece. This particular block is special, however - it is a fully functioning computer! A computer that runs Minecraft servers, to be precise. Redditor plastiqmanb cooked up this amazing tower:

Quote from plastiqmanb »
I designed a custom server in an 8x8" cube with an Intel Core i5 2500K proc, 8gb of 1333mhz ram, ASUS P8H61-I mobo, with a FPS 270W power supply, and storage via my trusty WD Raptor 150Gb 10k SATA drive. Total build was around 500.00. Not including my time (worked on it over the winter but finally got to the vinyl today).

You can check out the full gallery of images by clicking here - check it out!


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