Race for the Wool - a Community Event

Race for the Wool - an Open House Event

Race for the Wool is quickly becoming a Minecraft staple - the game pits two teams against each other in a race to collect a number of colored wools from an incredibly difficult obstacle course, with the first team to collect and mount their wool on the victory pedestal being declared the winners. Today, we take a look at the upcoming community event - hosted by RMCT - which pits various YouTube personalities against real players!

For the first match on June 16th, watch the Redstoners (Etho, SethBling, FVDisco, and CraftDynasty) and the Whiskey Brigade (Trazlander, Jikosh, Rixiot, and xSugoix), champions of the first and second Reddit Race for Wool tournaments respectively, battle it out on an all-new Race for Wool map created by some of the most respected mapmakers in the community, just for this event. Who will triumph? How can you see the action? You can watch the match LIVE on RMCT TV on Saturday, June 16th, 2012, at 6:00 PM EDT!

Then on Sunday, June 17th, RMCT will be hosting a "master class" for Race for the Wool, where players can learn the ropes of the game mode, hear secrets from the masters, and even participate in the event! The event will follow this schedule:

June 16th:
  • 3:00-6:00 PM EDT - RFW Open House
  • 6:00 PM EDT - Redstoners vs. Whiskey Brigade Match
  • 7:00-11:00 PM EDT - Casual RFW Matches
June 17th:
  • 2:00-3:00 PM EDT - RFW Master Class
  • 3:00-6:00 PM EDT - Casual RFW Matches

Want to know more? Want to get in on this amazing event? Check the event hoster's thread for all the details (by clicking here, or the banner above), which includes the full schedule, sign-up details, and more. See you on the battlefield!

What is "Race for the Wool", Anyway?

Race for Wool is a Minecraft competitive game-type originally created by Vechs, known for his Super Hostile series, in which two teams of four players compete to be the first to retrieve a certain number of different blocks of colored wool from a course, and place them on their “victory monument”. RFW courses are made up of two mirrored lanes, with void lane between them, and players are not allowed to leave or build outside their team’s lane at any time.

Courses are set up to encourage players to use bows and arrows, and TNT cannons to disrupt each other’s progress. A big part of the excitement around RFW matches is seeing teams take advantage of the huge range of creative gameplay options unique to Minecraft to achieve their goals in innovative ways.


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