Snapshot 12w23b Ready For Testing

So here’s the new snapshot! This week got interrupted by the Swedish National Day, and Mojang is focusing on finishing up stuff in order to release Minecraft 1.3. Also, they’re moving to their new office! Partly owing to this, the Snapshot of the week isn't as bulky as it has been in past weeks, but it could be seen as the "calm before the storm" - the upcoming release of 1.3! Let's check the change log:
  • Enchantment levels are slightly exponential again.
  • It now takes 825 Experience to reach level 30.
  • Added Ender Portal frame to creative inventory.
  • Tripwire is now activated by all entities, including arrows.
  • The max distance has been increased to 40 blocks.
  • Boats can accelerate to faster than previous speeds.
  • Boats are now easier to control.
  • Wooden Pressure Plates detect arrows.
  • String placed down has a smaller black frame unless on TNT, leaves or pistons.
  • A lot of smaller changes and fixes.
  • Texture Packs that are in folders and not in a zip file are recognized as a texture pack.
  • Texture Packs image is displayed for folder based texture packs.
  • The player can now see the cracking effect on blocks when other players mine blocks in multiplayer.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Pressing F no longer reloads chunks.
  • Fixed a bug when pistons pushed a wire.
  • NPC Villagers procreate again.
  • Mining a ore give now 3 times less experience orbs.
  • Weathers transitions are back.
  • Slime and Magma Cube jumping animations have been fixed.
  • Armor and Tool enchantments now show on multiplayer.
  • The search function in the creative inventory now only activates within the search tab, meaning that the inventory key now allows you to exit the creative menu once again.
Get the snapshot here:

Client: Download here

Server: Download here


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