Snapshot 12w22a Ready For Testing!

This week's Snapshot has a massive number of features! In addition to trading updates, enchantment improvements and SSP/SMP merging improvements, Adventure Map makers will be thrilled to know that there is a new game mode - "Adventure Mode" - to be tested! This mode prevents players from breaking blocks, while still allowing interactions like button/lever use, trading with villagers, and so on. The full feature list is below!

Client Download: Download

Server Download: Download

New/Improved Features:
  • Trading with villagers has been updated
  • Villagers can now trade 2 items with you (e.g. 1 emerald 10 gravel -> 10 flint)
  • Enchantment system has been re-balanced
  • A full enchantment table set with bookshelves doesn't go up to 50, but 30
  • At the bottom of the 3 enchantments it always shows you the highest number possible
  • Using level 30 you have a lot more luck; almost all items get at least 2 enchantments
  • Emerald Ore can be found underground again (only in Extreme Mountain Biomes still)
  • Added Tripwire Hooks
  • Added potions to the creative inventory; found under brewing
  • Added Block of Emerald
  • Added delete item, armor and crafting to survival inventory when in creative
  • Pausing should work in single-player now
  • Some minor terrain changes
  • Added an "adventure" game mode (/gamemode 2)
  • - You cannot break or place any blocks
    - You can interact with any blocks like doors and levers and you can buy things from villagers
  • Added cobblestone and stonebrick monster eggs to the creative inventory

Bug Fixes:
  • In the redstone tab of the creative inventory, the redstone torch is now on instead of being off
  • In the decoration tab of the creative inventory, the redstone torch got removed

New Bugs:
  • You can place wire from the tripwire in the air and once updated it will drop string
  • You can't hear TNT when you are out of an 16 block range.


Mojang also had the following to add regarding installation of Snapshots:

Quote from Jeb »
The snapshots can potentially destroy your save games, even though we try our best not to do that. Only use them if you know what you are doing. To “install” a snapshot, you download the JAR file and replace the one located in your “application data” folder. The easiest way to find that folder is to start the game, select “texture packs” and click on the “open texture pack folder” button. It will locate “.minecraft/texturepacks”, and the JAR file should be placed in “.minecraft/bin”.

To UNINSTALL the snapshot, start the launcher (Minecraft.exe on Windows) and click the “options” button. Then click on “force update” and login as usual. The launcher will then download the official JAR file for you. Note that save games created in the snapshot may not work (and probably doesn’t) in the official version of the game.


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