Tripwire Experiments; Minecraft Wedding


Over the last week in Snapshots, we have seen a lot of exciting things coming up - Ender Chests, villager trading, the merging of SSP and SMP modes into a fluid, single system - what else could possibly be added to this pile of goodies to make it even better? We can think of one thing - tripwires.

Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams uploaded this video showing off some experiments with tripwire - it appears that it can be set off by crossing the tripwire boundary (as expected), as well as being set off by "using" it much as one would use a switch or button. What other awesome features are on the horizon? We'll keep you posted as they develop!


A Minecraft Wedding

Anyone in attendance at Minecon 2011 will undoubtedly remember - Matt's proposal to Asia on-stage, alongside Mojang! Their marriage is now official, and the wedding ceremony was something any dedicated Minecraft fan could be proud of - Minecraft-themed Jones Soda, which features many of the in-game items and creatures; a number of high-quality character model statues that were on the showroom at Minecon including Steve, creeper and more. There were also a number of hand-made pieces for their ceremony made by the happy couple and friends, such as Minecraft trees and other bits of the world. Other gems included a Minecraft-diamond necklace, and - something no Minecraft party should be without - a Minecraft cake.

From everyone here at the Minecraft Forum, we would like to congratulate Matt and Asia on having easily the most awesome wedding in history, and wish the happy couple well!

Want to see more pictures of their awesome wedding ceremony? Click the image above (or this link) for the full set!


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