12w21b Snapshot Out - Fixes Bugs from 21a; MCX360 Beats Out Black Ops

Second Snapshot of the Week Released

Yesterday saw the release of the 12w21a Snapshot, which included a number of neat features - unfortunately, it also included a few bugs that made playing SSP nearly impossible for some. Now, in a move not common with Snapshots, a quick-fix has been released for those having trouble playing Single-Player. There's also some other goodies inside - most notably, a surprise with the Creative Mode inventory menu (Thanks Dinnerbone!). Get the latest Snapshot downloads below!

Client: Download

Server: Download


MCX360 Breaks Record, Beats Black Ops

MCX360 has been climbing the charts since launch, breaking records and drawing in more players every day. Recently, it broke another unprecedented record - pushing COD: Black Ops out of the #2 Top LIVE Games spot! Since the launch of Modern Warfare 3, COD: Black Ops has held the #2 Top Game spot for XBox Live constantly.

MW3 and COD:BO have been staples of the XBOX library since launch, and despite some criticisms have maintained their hold as top titles nearly since they launched. Minecraft is the first game to disrupt these titles' seemingly endless reign on the Top XBox Live Games chart. Congrats, Minecraft!


This Week's News Video - Pyramids, Villager Trading & More

This week, David & Toby take an in-depth look at our recent Snapshots, and more - take a look!


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