Minecraft Turns 3 Years Old Today

Happy Birthday, Minecraft!

Look familiar? It might not for many of you, but anyone who has been around since May of 2009 should find this oddly familiar - this was one of the earliest demos of Minecraft in its infancy! Yes, the game we know and love today wasn't much to look at back then - grass blocks and cobblestone, and not much else. It's amazing when you stop to consider - with all the potions, hunger, myriad critters, redstone - just how far the game has come from such humble beginnings. It's been an amazing process to see unfold over the years, to be sure.

It wasn't long ago that Minecraft saw 28 million registered users and nearly 6 million purchased copies , and the number just keeps growing. Along with the runaway success of Minecraft - Pocket Edition (over a million sales) and Minecraft - XBOX 360 Edition (over 400,000 in the first 24 hours!), the epic block-builder continues to take the world by storm. Updates continue to pour forth for the PC version, including the highly anticipated Mod API, NPC trading and so much more. Pocket Edition becomes more and more Survival-esque, and MCX360 - while currently similar to Beta 1.6.5 - has exciting changes on the horizon.

From all of us here at the Minecraft Forum, we wish Minecraft a very happy 3rd birthday! Congratulations to everyone at Mojang for producing such an incredible game, and to the entire community - every single one of you - for making this game one of the most incredible games in the world!


In the last 24 hours, 127,468 people registered, and 13,375 people bought the game. On average, this means that a little over thirteen thousand people buy a new copy of Minecraft every single day, and that number keeps growing!


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