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MCX360 on - All Kinds of Awesome

MCX360 is finally out, and Microsoft has a really awesome show planned for! They are putting on an amazing show called "Xbox LIVE Arcade NEXT". It will feature Minecraft, specifically celebrating the launch of the highly anticipated console port. Seananners and MinecraftChick will be there playing live, as well as other noteworthy gaming personalities!

The show starts tonight at 6:00 pm PST (9:00 pm EST) - don't miss out!

Want Another Shot at a Minecraft-Themed XBOX 360?

We've given away a number of custom Minecraft-themed 360s in the past, and now it's time for some more! Curse is so excited with the new edition of Minecraft that we decided to give away an Xbox 360 with a fully customized Minecraft design to one lucky winner from the U.S. or Canada! Click here for details*.

But wait, what about our European friends? We haven't forgotten you - in the very near future, we are hosting a giveaway specifically for European residents! Keep an ear to the ground as we announce the "Minecraft Giveaway - Europe Edition" - exclusively for you!

Free Code Winners Announced!

Earlier today, we hosted a 6-hour "build your own tribute" contest for 25 FREE MCX360 game codes, and the winners have been selected! If your name appears on the list below, you will be receiving a message in the near future with your free game code. Congratulations to all the winners!

  • aidancbrady
  • Cait
  • Zacxta1
  • pikaguy900
  • Intermediate_Minecrafter
  • Landmine
  • IronWaffle
  • Sparky3295
  • RubensCherub
  • DarkGodAkito
  • CubiaRemains
  • michielcx
  • Sparkyboy734
  • laggerbob
  • pancak3mix
  • Nick Valdez
  • Begleiter
  • Bluecanart
  • Zaccaboom97
  • Auukin
  • pocketrocket
  • BLINDxHammer
  • DeviaAnimus
  • TGI_Chris
  • Jakk747


* Premium members in the United States or Canada can submit entries online; anyone can submit an entry by mail. With the launch of the Premium Discount Program, members get exclusive discounts on computer hardware, peripherals, and all kinds of swag - want 15% off some sweet J!NX gear? Done! Want to win free hardware, games and more? Done! Check out what many people already know - the sweet benefits of Premium.


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