Mojang Needs Your Input - The New Multiplayer Format

Since the most recent weekly snapshot, Singleplayer games run a local multiplayer server. To make this change even better, Mojang wants to make multiplayer servers feel more like how singleplayer games used to feel.

To help with this, there is a thread right here, where they are trying to collect all differences between the most recent released Singleplayer game (1.2.5) and the most recent Multiplayer game (12w18a). If you want to help, please comment on this post with the following information:

  • Your bug
  • Information on your bug
  • If your bug is hard to reproduce, one of the following things
  • A world download
  • Easy steps to reproduce
  • A short video showing & reproducing the bug

All feedback will be used to make the new SSP/SMP format work better for everyone! So if you want to help out Mojang make it the best it can be, click this link and give your feedback!


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