Snapshot 12w18a Is Here For Testing!

This week, Mojang has begun the long process of separating the server logic from the client. They hope to make it easier to add features in the game going foward - essentially not having to program in game additions twice, for two functionally different "Minecrafts" - and also to make it possible for players to invite their friends to play on their local computer without setting up a server. While the intent to begin migrating was announced in the past, this Snapshot begins taking the first step into realizing it fully. Note - the changes are NOT complete, but the game should run normally.

Now, on to the changelog:

  • More fixes to silk touch and block picking
  • Wooden tools work in furnaces
  • Villagers spawned from spawning eggs will get a random profession
  • Updated language files
  • Miscellaneous editions

The download links are slightly different than prior Snapshots - the link below is the client ZIP, not JAR; it contains both client-side and server-side JAR files. The Server JAR link is as it has been for previous Snapshots.


Client ZIP: [url='']Download[/url] (This is a ZIP file containing client- and server-side JAR files)

Server JAR: [url='[/url]Download[/url]

Enjoy this first glance into some very exciting changes!


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