Manly Mods, Done By Men - Sacheverell Reviews "RedPower2",

Man Power? Red Power

Redpower 2 is an incredible multi-use mod designed by the highly talented Eloraam - if you haven't had a chance to check out this mod, then man up and watch this video, you will not be disappointed. Better redstone, highly advanced machines and computers, real liquid physics and more await - check it out, and be sure to bring your man-pants!

Check out RedPower: Click Here

So, how do manly men relax after building a redstone-powered Borg collective in their Minecraft world? I'm glad you asked:


Man Island? Even Better

Etalyx, a highly talented YouTuber, adds to the Awesome Factor by presenting us this review on the Tropicraft Mod, by Cojomax99, MrRube, Corosus, fishtaco567 and newt_head! The mod itself covers a range of tropic-themed enhancements that blend seamlessly into the game world. What initially appears to be a clever mod that just adds some fruit, quickly reveals a startling level of depth and complexity, up to and including a fully realized tropical realm, cfully independent of the default Minecraft world! Unique flora and fauna (including the hopelessly awesome monkeys), new crafting recipes and much more await - definitely worth a look.

Check out Tropicraft: Click Here

Etalyx's channel - GamersDissent - is a channel that thrives on variety. Some games, like Minecraft, make regular appearances, but games of all shapes and sizes are given special attention as well. Check it out!


This weekend, Pico highlights the pace of action in the worlds of: Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3's last Beta weekend (whose release is a mere two weeks away) and also Mass Effect 3's "Operation Exorcist", a big deal for players on PC & Xbox 360, as well as the Minecraft: Pocket Edition updates - take a look!


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