Change Your Minecraft Name? Possibly In The Future

Change Your Minecraft Name?

Every one of us picked our Minecraft user name when we signed up on for the first time (and every time thereafter). For most of us, knowing that whatever name was chosen is stuck with us forever is just a part of the game. Still, what if you gave yourself a silly or inappropriate name? What if you're just tired of the one you have? Currently, this means getting another copy of the game - but maybe not for long.

Jeb hinted that username changes might be a feature in the near future, something that Mollstam is looking into currently. While there is no set date - or even a hinted one - for the feature's arrival, it would seem that it's more a matter of "when" than "if" now.

Maybe I can use this opportunity to change my name to "MrFluffykins".


Wiki Skin Overhaul

For years, the Minecraft Wiki has followed the same visual format as many wikis - it's a tried and true look, after all. For one user - namely, Ultradude25, an administrator on the wiki - this just wasn't good enough. Leading the effort to revamp the wiki's appearance, the community has given Minecraft's most popular wiki a complete make-over - head on over and check it out!

Minecraft Wiki will seem quite familiar to forum regulars - keep in mind however, that the visual re-design was done entirely by volunteers! It is, in many ways, another reminder of just how strong the Minecraft community is, and how far it reaches. It's hard to think of another gaming community with such strong dedication, passion and sense of unity. Congratulations to Ultradude25, and everyone who helped him out on this incredibly ambitious project!


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