Hunger Games, By Hunger Craft


Are you a fan of the Hunger Games? Ever wanted to participate in them inside Minecraft? If so, you're in luck - there is an ongoing event hand-tailored for you! Hungercraft is hosting a livestreamed Hunger Games event, and you can take part! They have 32 players in an arena, who battle to the death for fabulous prizes. The last man standing receives a free month with a 5 person Minecraft server hosted by [url='']Treepuncher[/url]! What features does it boast? Check it out:

  • A new custom map made for each game every week
  • Added survival constraints, Thirst and Suffocation
  • Each game will last around 30 minutes to an hour
  • and no rules once you enter arena!
  • All mods custom build by us!
  • Did I mention prizes?
  • Players are unable to leave the arena

That's great, but how do you participate? All you have to do to sign up is comment on the post in their [url='[url=""][/url]']subreddit[/url] with your Minecraft in-game name, and you could be chosen to play and win! Even if you aren't chosen to show of your skills, you can still see the event live! Didn't make the cut for the event, but still want to prove yourself? No problem; they host the event every Saturday at 7 pm (Eastern Standard Time, GMT -5), so you can still sign up for the next event!

Check out their subreddit for details, and for sign-up:

More of a Facebook fan? Check them out there as well:

Tweeting more your style? Yep, they have an official Twitter to follow:

Be sure to check out the event LIVE on twitch tv - it will be hosted [url=""]right here[/url] - don't miss out!


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