Mojang Quake Match Going On Now; Logins Better Than Ever

Minecraft Login System Revamped

Mollstam has been tweaking the login system behind-the-scenes, to address what appears to have been an especially laggy login time for players. Additionally, he has worked on the system (and is continuing to do so) to improve login security. Brute force attempts in particular are getting special attention.

MCX360 - Split-screen SMP

As the day for XBLA Minecraft approaches, we at the office find ourselves considering the myriad ways one can enjoy Minecraft while being within punching distance of one-another. There are quite a few ways this can be accomplished - we are considering a number - but we would rather hear about what you would want to do or see in MCX360 4-player split-screen. Normally, this would mean a poll, but there are TONS of ways to enjoy SMP, so we bring the question to you directly:

If you and three friends could play MCX360 split-screen right this second, what would you want to do with it more than anything else? Let us know!

Digital Diamond - Wireless Redstone - Without Mods

Minecrafter 777static777 shows off wireless redstone. "Pretty cool mod, but it's been done before", you might be thinking - however, this isn't a mod. This is wireless redstone functionality, in 100% pure vanilla Minecraft - check it out!

Mojang Plays Quake, Live

Want to see Mojang play Quake on a livestream? (SPOILER: Mojang wins by a land-slide)!


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