Minecraft News & 0x10c Wiki

Check out this week's Minecraft News, where David talks about this weeks' various juicy bits; the exciting single-player features of yesterday's Snapshot, an in-depth look at Mojang's AMA sessions, and more - take a look!


We have talked a bit about Notch's new upcoming space game, "0x10c" - a game where you wake up millions of years in the future, because of a misplaced digit! What separates the game from most other space-themed fare is the approach; the main draw of the title is undoubtedly the built-in CPU, which runs inside the game - not a facsimile of one, but an actual, functioning computer. The computer does literally whatever it is programmed to do, whether that be managing power aboard your new ship, running a game while you wait for a mining operation to finish, or anything else you can throw at it.

Yes, the player can program the computer themselves, if so inclined! What goes perfectly with an incredibly complex computer system? A wiki to cover every inch of it, that's what! Do you think you've got the technical know-how to program a CPU in Notch's latest game? If so, be sure to check out the wiki and make your expertise known! The sooner, the better - your entries may become the industry standard for players everywhere, if you're good enough. Take a look! Also, be sure to check out our 0x10c site, where we will be covering the game in detail - see you there!


Digital Diamond - Minecraft Mods - For Slackers

From "The Gamer's Cave's" Brandon comes a gem about mods, for the everyday slacker! He covers a number of different mods in a nice, compact cheese-cracker-friendly demonstration - check it out!


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