PureBDCraft Texture Pack, Unbelievable Shaders Mod

Community Spotlight - PureBDCraft, Unbelievable Shaders

Today, we take a look at two outstanding gems - PureBDCraft - a multi-resolution texture pack by Sphax84 - and the incredible Unbelievable Shaders mod, by Sonic Ether! Both have a wide range of features - PureBDCraft comes in resolutions from 16x all the way to 512x, and Shaders can be fine-tuned to work best on your system, regardless of how powerful your computer might be. Check it out!


Interested in More Indie Games?

In addition to Minecraft, 0x10c, Cobalt and Scrolls, we have begun a journey into the wide world of indie games! In this video, we have a chat with indie development team "Haunted Temple Studios" about their RTS title, "Skulls of the Shogun".

This channel will be used to publish indie game news from across the network, so if you're into all things "indie", be sure to check in on the channel frequently.


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