Minecraft Snapshot 12w16a Available For Testing!

Ready for this week's Snapshot? We certainly are - check out the change log below:

  • Added a demo mode for non-premium users (won’t be available until Mojang does a full update)
  • Added bonus chest option to create world screen
  • Added option to enable single-player commands to create world screen
  • Updated language files
  • Bug fixing and tweaks

Paying attention? If so, you definitely saw the option to add single-player commands! Curious how it works? Wondering exactly what the "bonus chest" option does? Be sure to grab the client and server files below!

The "demo" game is designed to last for 5 in-game days, at which point the world will self-delete and prompt the player to purchase the full version of the game. While a demo of Minecraft has existed for some time, is has not, to date, been incorporated into the main game.

Dinnerbone has also stated that they will be changing the format of ops.txt, white-list.txt, banned-*.txt for 1.3, letting the community know well in advance so mod/plugin makers and anyone else who may tinker with the game can prepare for the changes. As mentioned some time ago in an interview with Jeb, SMP and SSP will likely be merged in the future, making it easier to run small, informal SMP games for friends without the hassle of server and community management. Large servers will likely still persist, only changing somewhat in how they are maintained.

Keep an eye out as we cover more exciting changes in the coming days!


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